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Silviculture and Agriculture




There are a number of Silvicultural activities on the Hillcrest, from loblolly pine plantings to sawtooth oak, chinese chestnut and many others.  Some logging (hardwood release) has been done as part of a timberland improvement plan.  Agricultural interests range from wildlife plantings of field corn, soybeans, and clover, to pumpkin/gourd patches and lots of wildflowers, sunflowers too.


New Holland Tractor

"the Starship Enterprise......."

Sarah and Paul pick Pumpkins

Loblolly Pines

Planted 1998; Picture 2005

Loblolly Pines, 5 yrs old

Future Pine Plantation

1998 photo before the pines..........

Loblolly Pines, 2005

to left, planted 1998; to right, planted 2000

Mr Bush reshapes the Hillcrest


The Fall Harvest

Clover Wildlife Plot

Imperial Whitetail Clover

Corn and Clover

Main Field

Two Row Corn Planter

soybeans and sunflower too......

North Corn Field


Scotch Pine

5 years old

Wildflowers and Friend


Wildflower Field

Red Maple Seedling

tube protector

Sawtooth Oak 2005

6 year old seedling

Chinese Chestnut

5 year old seedling

First Chestnuts produced in 2008 from seedling planted 2000

Silviculture Library:  Look here for literature on hardwood management






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