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Many Hillcrest activities center around preparation for the hunting season, whether it be planting corn fields and pines in the spring or clover fields in the fall. So when the season finally hits, from spring gobbler to the fall harvest, we are ready to go!   Some of these activities are chronicled below, including a few particularly proud moments on the Hillcrest.   Also added are a few memories of other hunting successes along the way.  Hope you enjoy!

"Video Capture" photos are from an old 8mm camcorder I often took with me in the field.  These still prints from active video are obviously lacking in photo quality, but the moments they capture tell a story none the less.


2003 Deer Harvest North Corn Field

10 Point - 140" Class Whitetail BlackPowder Harvest

2004 North Corn Field; "Rattled him in"

10 Yard Shot, but a long tracking story...........

10 Point Whitetail - 120" class

2004 Main Clover Field

170 yards with .270

main field covered ground blind.

Fall 2006 Doe Harvest

nephew Rob has success with 15 minutes of daylight left on last day...

Wildlife Clover Plot

Main Field

Cedar Rub

"Where is that big fella?"

2006 Spring Gobbler

"Finally called one home...."

9 Point Bow Harvest

1994 Hillsboro, Illinois Whitetail

5 X 5 Bow Harvest

1997 Wilsall, Montana Elk

Young Bucs Sparing

Main Field, Video Capture

Main Field Whitetail

Video Capture

Main Field Whitetail

Video Capture

Main Field Whitetail

Video Capture

2003 Feral Boar Harvest

Many thanks to Dr. "B"

Main Field Ground Blind

"the hottest spot around"

November 3rd, 2008 Eight Point Muzzleloader Harvest

Elevated Deer Blind North Corn Field

November 14, 2008 Muzzleloader

Elevated blind North Corn Field, once again!

2nd Eight Point this season!

Clover at North Corn Field, 11/14/08

Dr Whitley builds tree stand in north field

Early 1990's

Dr Swensson helps Dr Whitley build deer stand in north field

Early 1990's

November 11, 2009. Marc Sudac and 6 Point with 18" spread. North Field.

Rob Derstadt November 28th, 2009.

4 point from main field.

On Opening Day 2009 I missed the Big Boy that made this Rub and Scrape!

monster rub 2010

Ron Lee 2010 from Upper Field Ground Blind

Opening Day Blackpowder November 5th, 2011 East Oak Stand

"Rattled him in" at 15 yds.

2011 "Big Daddy' Rub

one picture says it all ..... november 2011

Main Field blind at 50 yds with .270; wgt #150

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