Some History of the Painter Family at Rocky Mount:


                    Alfred and Sarah Painter



Alfred Martin Painter: 

Born Rockingham County (Shenandoah Valley); Died Cumberland County; buried at Rocky Mount

Sarah Catherine Huffman Painter:

         Born Augusta County October 16, 1835; Died September 30, 1917; Buried at Rocky Mount

The Painters moved from Rockingham County, to Fluvana, and then Cumberland (Rocky Mount) subsequent to 1866.

                James E. Painter                               born 10/27/1862
                Mary Alice Painter                             born 2/17/1864
                Jennie Rebecca Painter                      born 1/26/1866
                Mattie E. Painter                               born 11/21/1868
                Hettie F. Painter                               born 2/18/1871
                Ida J. Painter                                   born 8/1/1877

Hettie Painter married Jeff Davis of Cumberland; owned property to east of Rocky Mount.

Jennie Rebecca Painter married Edmund Pierce Woodfin on May 26, 1886 at Rocky Mount; she was 20 yrs old. 
                Pearl Edward Woodfin
                Ray Alfred Woodfin
                Charlie Witt Woodfin
                Ida Maude Woodfin
                Sarah Lena Woodfin
                Meade Painter Woodfin……………..Father of Agnes Woodfin Matthews of Richmond (current).
                Virginia Myrtle Woodfin


Meade Painter Woodfin married Iva Ford of Cumberland; Iva Ford Woodfin lived at Rocky Mount until she married and moved to Cumberland and small home built called “Montrose”. 
                One of their Children is Agnes Woodfin Matthews.

Alfred M. Painter + Sarah Katherine Huffman
                Jennie Rebecca Painter + Edmund Pierce Woodfin
                                Meade Painter Woodfin + Iva Ford
                                                Agnes Woodfin (Mathews)…………great grandchild of Alfred and Sarah (Huffman) Painter.


Agnes Woodfin Mathews
Midlothian, VA

Hillcrest Cemetery

In Memory of Alfred M. Painter

May 31, 1889
Yes, All is O’er –
His Form Is Laid Beneath The Sod,
His Life Was Such No One
Could Blame;
He Finds A Home In Heaven
With God,
Archangels Shout And
Sing His Name,
While Christ His Lord
Doth Give Him Fame.


douglas painter died at  age 2 and is 3rd gravesite adjacent to sarah and alfed.





First, let me say how grateful I am that you are so willing to share.  I was literally dancing back to my husband with the news that you would allow us to come see Rocky Mount.  Please know that you are welcome to come and wander Studley when you are available.


My excited brain finally cleared enough to begin to remember names.  Alfred and Sarah Painter's daughter, Mary Alice married Nick Goodman.  When he died, she married Ethelbert Miller Goodman.  Miller's father, Joseph Noton Goodman, owned Woodlawn Plantation just south of Columbia, Virginia on the James.  Miller married Mary Frances Woodfin and had a gaggle of kids with her.  She died in 1881.  In 1884, Miller married Mary Alice Painter.  Miller's children with Mary Woodfin called Mary Alice Painter "Cousin Alice" as she had been married to Nick Goodman previously. 

So, Miller Goodman and Mary Alice Painter married at Rocky Mount in 1884 and their first child was born in Texas in 1885.  Miller's brothers had all moved to Texas and he went to join them.  I have the pie safe that they brought with them.  Miller traveled ahead and Mary Alice followed three months later with all of his children by train.

My great-grandfather, Frank Cecil Goodman, was born in 1897.  He died in 1937 when my grandmother was only 11.  While she never lived with Mary Alice Painter Goodman, Mammy Goodman (as we call her) was a great support and presence in her life. Mary Alice Painter Goodman died 26 May 1953 and is buried in a cemetery near Mertens, Texas.  My grandmother's maternal side of the family (Jesse and Mary Ann Thomas) donated the land for the cemetery and my family has been buried there (along with everyone else) for generations.  Miller is also buried there.


I wish that I knew more about Alfred and Sarah...who they were, what they liked.  I asked my grandmother to tell me about different people and when I asked about Mammy Goodman's mother (Sarah Painter) my grandmother told me that Mammy Goodman told her that her mother loved flowers and that she had flower gardens around her house in Virginia.  Indeed, I have a blurry black and white of an older Sarah outside with a picket fence that surrounds what I hope are her flower gardens.



(Jana Burch)