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The Hillcrest Story in Pictures

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SAR Retreat 2007


Hillcrest Monument

dedicated Spring 2005


1999 Aerial Photo

Cover: "Life and Times on the Hillcrest: The Early Years."

graphic by Andrew Deitrick

North Corn Field

The "Painter Family" Cemetery

Grandpa Kyes, Paul and Andrew

Hillcrest Homesite

Old Barn and Willow

Morton Barn


Main Field of Corn and Clover


Our version of the "best dog ever".

Old Corn Planter


Cattle Corral

Planning the next project.

Dan, Don, Paul, and Andrew

the next generation (1998)

The "Blackster"

Old Mother Walnut........

Homesite prior to Morton Barn 1998

1998 Pre-Morton Barn

1998 Pre-Morton Barn

Hillcrest Banner ala Aunt Donna!

High Class Tanning Beds just up from the Hillcrest!!

donald deitrick at the Hillcrest firing range


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