First Chinese Chestnuts seen in 8 Year Old Seedlings!!!

September 2008


Persimmons are Plentiful this Year!!!!!!!

October 2008




Timber Harvest August 2008


Elevated Deer Blind Finally Finished August 2, 2008!!!

November 2007                                           August 2008


2008 Visitors:




Hokie, Charlie, Mary, Ro, Dan, Molly, and Gloria


Neil Reimbold visits the Hillcrest for his 1st deer hunt 11/22/08


Jenn and Don Deitrick 11/28/08


Don, Andrew, and Paul Deitrick 11/28/08


The McAllister's 11/28/08



Erin, JCD, Muench, and Jerry









Merrill Lynch Boys, Randy Tootle and Richard Dickerson  



2008 Fall Deer Harvest:

    November 3rd, 2008 Muzzleloader Harvest                        November 14th 2008, Muzzleloader Harvest




Recently found monument in Cumberland State Forest.  Jesse Thomas rode his famous horse
"FearNaught" to warn Von Steuben at Point of Forks of the approach of Cornwallis.



We have all the finer things in life in Cumberland!!